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Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken

"The nomads of the plains do not abandon their fellow tribespeople. Eliwood and Hector are my dear friends...Their sorrow is my sorrow. Their anger is my anger. Nergal! In my friends' names, I will cut you down!"

Series: Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken
Height: 5'4"
Eye color: Sea green.
Hair color: Also green.
Orientation: Primarily heterosexual, but may be willing to experiment under certain circumstances.
Other: Simple earrings, hair tied back in a hip-length ponytail.
Clothing & Weapons: As per the image to the left. Blue robes with trim, fingerless gloves, braided belts, tall leather boots. Amat choker will be a band of woven cloth, blue with the same red zig-zag as the collar on her outfit. Carrying the same weapon pictured, known as the Mani Katti.

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